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HP/UX rx2600 (MP) Service Console

The Management Processer (MP) on most Hewlett-Packard unix hardware is the lights-out controller to remotely install and gain console access to the running operating system, and there are plenty of official and unofficial HOWTOs on how to gain access to one which is otherwise inaccessible.

None of them helped me.

The missing piece was nmap which is the only way I could query the MP for it to reach out to the DHCP server. So, once again, for my own notes should this plague me at some point in the future -

  1. Add the MAC address to your router's LAN ADDRESS RESERVRATION with the IP you'd like to assign it, and the embedded hostname:

    • mp[MAC_ADDRESS] - example, "mp000306e3ad313"

  2. Assign the MAC address an IP in your arp table:

    • suseq:~ # arp -s 00:30:6E:3a:d3:13

  3. Run an nmap against the IP once powered on:

    • suseq:~ # nmap -sS -O

      • Starting Nmap 6.40 ( ) at 2014-07-29 16:54 CDT
        Nmap scan report for
        Host is up (0.0050s latency).
        Not shown: 996 closed ports
        22/tcp open ssh
        23/tcp open telnet
        80/tcp open http
        443/tcp open https
        MAC Address: 00:30:6E:3A:D3:13 (Hewlett Packard)
        Device type: switch|printer|specialized
        Running: HP embedded, Symmetricon embedded
        OS CPE: cpe:/h:hp:procurve_switch_2524 cpe:/h:hp:jetdirect_175x cpe:/h:symmetric
        OS details: HP ProCurve 2524 switch, HP JetDirect 175x print server, or Symmetri
        Network Distance: 1 hop

  4. suseq:~ # telnet

The Ernest man-beast HP rx2600/2 x 1.3GHz hyperthreaded CPU/12GB RAM

Tags: hpux, unix

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