ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Clean Room

The Server Room used to be a spare bedroom which contained unmanaged extraneous household items, haphazardly stacked military cots for impromptu guest deployment, stacked, empty boxes from household A/V equipment and consumer electronics, and all my CDs in boxes on the floor as well as running servers on a folding table with server parts strewn about, spilling into a pile on the floor. Only my stacks of Xeon processors and registered memory were spared this fate. I did throw away half a dozen Pentiums and their respective motherboards when I finally purchased a laptop, but as it turns out, those don't take up too much space - stacks and stacks of servers however, do.

Relocating utility (those I use solely for parts) and unused servers in the rack in the garage freed up a lot of space, but the table was especially hard hit with junk - a coworker had mentioned the "spare parts" leftover from this shot and that's when I finally decided to do something. As usual, I have no "before" pic of this horrific minefield of a room, apart from the above.

It took all night, but may I now present to you, THE SERVER ROOM - REDUX!

Looking at this inverted Don Klausmeyer Construction "Amber" floorplan, the server room is but a short walk down the hallway connecting my main office...

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