ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Server Porn

Things have calmed down now that the builds are complete, the server is patched, and all the user accounts have been created. I still need to get with (as of yesterday) a former co-worker on the best way to patch the HPUX HPVM - I'm convinced it should be easier than it is, and I'll have the added benefit of a best-practices outside an ignite sever landscape. And speaking of former co-workers I finally touched base with yabanjin62 after far, far too long.

You know what else has been a long time? Seeing a CDE login screen! The Itanium server accepts Radeon 7500 series framebuffers and I just happened to have one laying around. I immediately modified the login screen (below) but while fun and wistful, I have zero use for CDE - I can launch X from my SUSE VirtualBox VM, and redirecting output to the screen disabled the MP console!!! At some point I'll have to find the EFI path to redirect it back, but right now, its kinda nostalgic.

Tags: hpux, office, unix
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