ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Remedial English

There were a myriad of things that transpired which include all the major players and an alarming bout of acute self-doubt which made me wonder if I was getting dumber leading up to this dream I had over the weekend.

Basically Bill and Ernest showed up to Kansas and we met drp at a tech shop in a strip mall for work, but I had to excuse myself to take a remedial English class next door with a socioeconomically diverse group of...morons. I was super-embarrassed because both drax0r and Summer Glau were there to aid me if I required help passing this course, and the words on the blackboard we were to use in a sentence were common words like, "kitchen" and "involvement." As if that weren't bad enough, my face got hot with shame as there was one word up there I actually didn't know the definition to, which was crazy given the easy words around it.

I kept trying to engage drax0r who was mostly nonchalant about everything to the point of boredom, and Summer Glau kept trying to engage me which I found both fascinating and alarming - because I assumed she thought I was too stupid to know the word, "kitchen" and unable to properly use it in a sentence.

This dream went on far longer than I wanted it to, getting wrapped up in the drama of the other students there.
Tags: dreams

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