ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

It's Going to be a Great Year

Everyday since school has started, my son has volunteered the highlights of his day, sharing with me the excitement of what he's learned, especially in his Engineering and Automotive classes. Apparently some kid at school had mentioned sabotage were he ever fired from a job, so I explained that losing your job for whatever reason was always a possibility no matter what field you worked in, and that as a professional, it was best to accept this and prepare to move on to other employment. Its all part of working and being an adult.

He asked me what I would do if I lost my job, to which I reiterated the above - look for another one. But then he asked if I would find a job doing the same thing. First I replied, "Probably," but then admitted I would love to be a motivational speaker - speaking first to the local Mennonites for free to build up my portfolio and gain practical experience, then try to publish a book to go along with my speaking engagements. Much to my surprise, he said, "You should totally do that! You'd be a great motivational speaker! I remember things you've taught me from way back, I still remember some of the big words you've used."

I gotta admit, it was a surprise hearing this from him.

So far, he's really enjoying his first year of High School.
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