ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Time Travelling

I awoke in a Pennsylvania metal fabrication plant in the midst of a hostage standoff with either drax0r or photogoot (I don't remember which and they may have morphed into and out of each other the entire dream for all I recall). Instantly apprehensive being in such a situation, I tried to get my bearings to see if I could ascertain which group of people were siding with whom, and what their demands were. Lots of big-haired men in pastel polyester suits and pornstar mustaches. Then I noticed Leon Lett. God, why Leon Lett? I never liked Leon Lett, and I was sure his involvement here was no accident.

After several tense minutes, it was decided the entire thing was simply a misunderstanding and everything went back to normal. Drax/Goot and I exited the long hallway into sunny 1970's East Dallas. My jaw dropped. I turned to Drax/Goot and exclaimed, "I know exactly where we are, that wasn't a metal fabrication plant, that was the DMV. No wonder everyone there was so tense!"

It was odd wandering around past Dallas without my electronic gadgets, and taking in the slightly yellowed colors as if real life actually were memories from an old photograph. Then I saw a message on someone's shirt - a message which didn't belong in this time - like all the "May the Force be with You" t-shirts but something from my own time which wouldn't make any sense in this time. I realized I would have known I was coming here, and sent myself an innocuous message. That meant I was here for a reason.

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do by following messages I'd left myself when night fell. I stumbled across a mixture of punk and new wave guys and girls dressed in black and neon behind the Lakewood theater on Abrams staring at the sky. When I looked up, wonder took hold and I saw the most fantastic and unexpected light show in the heavens - a mix of a forming nebula intertwined with an intermittent aurora.

I knew why I was here - to photograph it! However I got here, I had done so with my Canon G1X! I crawled into the cab of a yellow Chevrolet pickup and started shooting the skies while Drax/Goot worked the crowd.
Tags: dreams

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