ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Garage Weekend

The weather turned cool this weekend, and I took the opportunity to play darts and drink beer in the garage with some choice tunes. I filled the cooler with microbrews and had a couple over to shoot with me Friday night, and spent the next day working with suzanne1945 in the up and coming flowerbed before roasting myself in the lake for several hours with my daughter and her friend - I don't usually swim with them - but after the flowerbed seemed like a really good idea :D

Saturday night was darts and a nap in preparation for 0200-0600 Production Maintenance, and after another glorious nap, more beer and darts in the garage. I'm getting pretty good, but can't wait to unpack my father-in-law's attic (from our 2012 Newton-Wichita-Newton move) because I believe my set of Hammerhead's are there, somewhere, packed away. I haven't used them but a handful of times since I left Korea but I hope they're still nestled away in their case, for they are far too expensive to replace. That said, I've been using a set of 23-gram Fat Cat Copper Steel Tip Darts I got for $30 at Sports Authority which are working out pretty good.

Its gonna be a good season for the garage.

Thrown successively from a regulation distance of 7' 9-1/4"



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