ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Nook of Solace

Looking for somewhere quiet to sip my morning coffee or sit to actually read a bookbook which wasn't on the couch in front of the television with kid foot traffic or in the office chair I spend far too much time in anyway, I decided to retreat into my spacious, but underused bedroom.

First thing I did was pry the nails out of the sheets of cardboard I'd used to cover the corner windows. After researching thermal blackout curtains on Amazon and Overstock found some comparable grommet ones at Wal-Mart (pro-tip: they're decidedly not the $8 panels) and a color-coordinated rod with a tasteful finial.

From there I started wall hangings - two of my father's framed oil paintings, a couple of stretched canvas prints, a mirror, and a tapestry prayer-rug from Saudi.

I have ALWAYS wanted an oversized non-rocking, non-reclining stupidly expensive leather chair, but that last caveat has always been the most difficult to overcome. All the quality ones are between eight and twelve hundred dollars. So I went to check out my favorite consignment store here in town, and that's where I found this beauty! Everything I've ever wanted, and under $200. He'd just gotten it in that day. I accented with a faux-marble side table and brand new floor lamp from a downtown furniture store.

I also ordered a king sleigh I'd found listed on about five different sites, but the order was cancelled three days later and all five stores had removed their listings, so I'm still in the market for a bed. I found a nice one for $1200 which was twice what I wanted to pay but still beats the bejesus outta the three and four thousand ones which appear to be hewn from a single Viking longship - so I'm still on the fence with that one.

But for now at least, I have my nook of solace.

This + Tubby = Stress-Free living :)

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