ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Romanticizing Tobacco

Excepting once a year when I bum a chew from my neighbor on the 4th of July, I haven't chewed tobacco in approximately 18-months (I don't really keep track of the years I do and do not chew). I've been sucking on nicotine lozenges since February, but here recently have been remembering the rush only tobacco can provide, as well as all the other side effects (both good and bad) of chewing processed tobacco to the point I was entirely dissatisfied with anything else. It consumed me.

Friday, I bought a can.

It was horrible. I figured I'd keep at it to make sure, but even after two days and the entire can, I decided I wanted no more. All I had done was romanticize what I'd missed - it was all in my head - none of it was real.

Now I'm thinking I don't even need the lozenges anymore either.

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