ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Phantom Helicopters

When I was augmenting USCENTCOM in 1993, three of us left base for grocery shopping one weekend day. The one who's car we took was bragging about the new stereo system he'd had installed, and after picking up what we needed, two of us decided to stop at a sandwich shop on the way back. The third guy wasn't hungry, so waited in the car despite the fact we ate in instead of getting it to go.

We sat by the window enjoying our sandwich when we heard a low-flying helicopter buzz by. Instinctively, we both looked up and out the window, but didn't see anything. On the drive back to base we asked the guy who'd stayed in the car if he caught of glimpse of it. It took him a second to get it, but no, it wasn't a real helicopter - he was playing a sound effects disc really loudly in the car's stereo system, and was surprised we thought it was real.

Yesterday, as I was engaged in my morning exercise routine - an hour around THE PATH - and having finally grown weary enough of my Dexter mix after listening to it back-to-back for several weeks, I put on an album drax0r gave me when I was last in East Texas, 1200 Micrograms - Live in Brazil.

So there I was, hoofing it around the path when I heard a low-flying helicopter. I pulled off my hat and peered into the find nothing.

You're way ahead of me on this one.

Yep, it sounded that realistic in my earbuds.
Tags: usaf stories

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