ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Active Recreation

After the long days of the past two weeks, I decided to get back to some active recreation - throwing darts and drinking beer in the garage. I invited my neighbor, who showed up with a mutual acquaintance, and we got started in earnest. As we were the most active corner in the neighborhood after nightfall, people started coming and going and we were at about 10 people at one point, all throwing darts, drinking craft beers, and listening to music - mostly 80s metal.

And after two full weeks of non-drinking, I made up for it in volume. I'd picked up a 12-pack Goose Island sampler, the 12-pack Shiner Family Reunion, and a 12-pack Best of Belgium (Hoegaarden, Stella, and Leffe). The neighbor brought three six packs, one of which I'd not had before, the delightfully rich and smooth New Belgium Abbey Dubbel.

The next day I ground into powder the fresh basil suzanne1945 had brought me several months ago I was drying for my son's request of basil-infused olive oil, then made a salsa out of her cherry tomatoes and jalapenos for a bonfire beer-drinking party I attended Saturday night; my daughters friend's mom had brought me a jar of homemade salsa several weeks back during one of our first cool-weather beer & darts events, and as they are hosting the bonfire tonight, I'm returning her jar with my own :)

But just in case we drank down too much of the cooler, I augmented it with a beer the beautiful and engaging local wench couldn't stop talking about, Lagunitas. I picked up one six of each; an IPA, a Fractional (whatever that means) IPA, and a Pale Wheat Ale.

Then played GT5 on and off all day Sunday, as I wanted to be anywhere but my office.

Tags: beer, gaming

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