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We had a virus outbreak affecting Windows NT machines in the early 2000s and every box needed to be touched in order to mitigate. drax0r and I were volunteered to assist as they needed everyone they could press into service. We were told to report to a large conference room.

There was a line out the door filled with IT folks from all walks of life, employees and contractors, unix and windows. The line was moving pretty quickly, in one door and out the other. As we got closer, peering in, the place was abuzz with activity - there were personages manning the whiteboard, a bank of manned phones which had been moved in and installed, and four people sitting behind four laptops, each marked with a hallway designation. We approached, signed in, were given a list of machine names and a map, a highlighter, and a phone number to call if we ran into any problems, then shuffled out the far door.

We touched 5000 boxes in a week.

And sometimes mitigation is like a roomful of howler monkeys with IBS.
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