ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Empty Nest Syndrome

I knew the time would come, I did. I was expecting to be in 4 years when GBZ graduates high school, but I knew that one day he would leave, and take my Gran Turismo progress with him. In that, I was at least expecting to put some time, effort, and yes, money into consolidating my power base. I just had no idea it would happen so soon.

Having reached a stalemate with GT5 I decided to pop in GT6 which I haven't played nearly as often. So infrequently in fact, that it required an update - a 2GB update. And after waiting approximately FOREVER, the update failed.

Undaunted, I upgraded the system, made sure I was signed in to the Playstation Network, and re-applied the update. It failed again. And again, and again. So I opened a ticket with Sony support who had me boot the console into safe mode and rebuild the filesystem, and re-apply the update. Which failed. Another 15-minutes on "hold" (online chat) and I miss them because their client doesn't have an audible notifier and I'm working somewhere on my five screens. Another 15-minutes on hold and they want me to factory-reset the console.

I weigh the pros and cons of erasing every thing my son has ever done on his PS3 and weeks of him re-installing in order to get a game working that he doesn't like just so I can play it, and...decided against it. I wouldn't do that to him. So I explain to the Sony tech that factory-resetting the entire console just because one update of one game won't apply is stupid, and instead delete the game data, boot back into single user mode to rebuild the database, and re-install GT6. This takes approximately TWO FOREVERS (no, I'm not kidding, like 8 hours or something).

In the meantime, I do a little research online then go out and buy a refurbished 12GB PS3 from the local Game Stop, then promptly pop in a 64GB freaking SSD drive I have laying around the house, hook up my Razer keyboard and a wired internet connection, and because the other one is STILL updating, attach it to one of the monitors on my desk to get everything prepped for the data transfer. Speaking of which, I found on PSN that they have a data-transfer method which utilizes an ethernet cable as a crossover to migrate game data from one system to another, but the Game Stop geniuses tell me, "I've never heard of transferring data over an ethernet cable." Oh really?

Either way, I have a FAT32 formatted 16GB thumbdrive at-the-ready once the other system finishes whatever the hell its going to eventually do.

EDIT: It worked! Deleting the game data, rebuilding the database and re-installing GT6 was successful WITHOUT factory-resetting the system!

So now we have two PS3's. At least I'll be ready when he moves out of the house.

Why yes that is a stack of Ozzy CDs on the Holy Bible. Don't Ask.

Tags: gaming, kids
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