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So far they *seem* to have adjusted gameplay in GT6 although I'm sure further testing is required.

When the game was first released, anytime another vehicle "bumped" you, you spun wildly out of control and crashed, which was great if you wanted to do the same to your opponents! Sadly, though Polyphony bragged about game physics in this release, if you "bumped" another vehicle, you still spun wildly out of control and crashed. So no matter who was doing the bumping, it only affected you.

One thing I noticed which was still frustratingly in place was the opponent selection. When I'm in a mild mannered vehicle, I am racing other mild mannered vehicles. On my fist foray back into the license testing I made 3rd place and the game suggested, "Why not buy a faster car?" What a great suggestion! So I messed around in my garage a bit and swapped out my Ford Focus for a Tesla Roadster - at which point the game updated all my opponents, nullifying the suggestion of a faster car.

And by the way, SSD is the the definitive way to go vis-à-vis PS3. It is crazy fast!!
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