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Street Fighter

Street Fighter IV

Posted on 2014.10.15 at 00:00
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Finding a game at GameStop under $10 for my "free with purchase" refurbished PS3 was a bit daunting, but at only $6.95 used, I chose Street Fighter IV as I haven't played it since the 90s. My son was initially skeptical, "That game sucks, its the reason they made Soul Caliber," to eagerly picking up the other controller to battle me, where I promptly spanked his ass introduced him to such classics as Yoga Fire, the Hundred-Hand Slap, and Sonic Boom. I don't know who was more surprised that the same combo-sequence from Super Nintendo I memorized at Langley 20 years ago translated to Sony's Dual-Shock controller.

Slumdog skillionaire, first name Messiah; raps so hot, I spit Yoga Fire...

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