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Kate Bush, et al.

I hate mp3's. I love the technology which brought us MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 technology though and freed us from .wav files. Even though AAC is lossless, and I use mac, I'm ascared to move to it. I have lots of hangups. I keep increasing the bitrate of my rips, but the quality vs. size at some point becomes elusive. I have thousands of CD's and I usually end up listening to my mp3's instead. I hate that about myself. I was looking for a particular European single this evening, and became increasingly frustrated that a good chunk of my hard-earned European singles were now available in mass-produced box sets. While I did eventually find the single I was looking for (it took me an hour) I came across several wonderful singles I thought would be fantastic to have on hand in my mp3 library:

  • Yello - The Rhythm Divine (Such a GREAT, mellow track. Yello is so underrated here in the states.)

  • Vangelis - The Conquest of Paradise (think Basil Poledouris's Hymn to Red Oktober vs. Hans Zimmer's Roll Tide.

  • Siouxsie & The Banshees - Face to Face (from Batman Returns)

  • Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm (I have their debut stuff, it's good, but not like this.)

  • Snap - Rhythm is a Dancer (What? I spent some time in Germany!)

  • Roy Orbison - I Drove All Night (Got to see him live once, but he put out some great new stuff late in his career.)

  • Roy Orbison - She's A Mystery to Me (more on this below.)

  • Yaz - State Farm (Who doesn't like Yaz?)

  • Orbital - The Saint

  • Book of Love - Modigliani

  • And the entire Brazil soundtrack by Michael Kamen

Did I mention that I have nearly everything Kate Bush has ever released plus doubles if the European and U.S. releases had different cover art + all the bootlegs she didn't release? You can't take it with you - why do I have so much music? As far as I can tell, prog_guy69 has more CD's than I do, and probably swashbuckler332 as well. What is it we so enjoy about it? Let's talk about U2. I'm not a huge fan. I'm not even a mild fan. In fact, I don't even really like them. Let me tell you what I do like - Bono as an individual creative artists. EVERYTHING Bono has put out on the side has moved me in way which would be embarrassing to discuss in a public forum. I cry. It's fantastic. Even when he's singing back-up or duet vocals - I am in awe of the man - his voice and his talent. But I really cannot stand U2. I do not understand this phenomenon.

Didn't get the kids down until 2200 this evening, I've just had a scooby-snack probably too close to bedtime, I'm exhausted and I have a long night tomorrow. After work we're having grilled build-it-yourself pizza's, the other half of the case of Corona we didn't finish last weekend, and Movie Night.
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