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My Weekend

Worked on and off all weekend. When I wasn't working I was playing. The KVM in the rack went out disabling the head to the PowerMac, so I bypassed it and connected directly to the HP RKM console. While I was reconfiguring, I lowered the shelf 6U, turned the PowerMac on its side, and placed one of the receivers atop it. I also zip-tied a data-center power strip to the inside of the back of the rack, tidying up my power cables and freeing up the single outlet in the garage. I spent the next several hours adjusting both the amp's setting and the iTunes equalizer to optimize the speakers and sub-woofer for a variety of music.

I then sent out an invite for a beer-drinking, dart-throwing evening, and had a nice turnout.

The rest of time I wasn't working, I was playing GT6.

'64 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

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