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Posted on 2014.10.25 at 15:00
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Seriously enjoying American Horror Story. It is sufficiently creepy. I've heard the first season isn't the best, but I was rather captivated by it all. Love me some Kate Mara, and of course also jumped on the whole "young Moira" bandwagon. Wowsa. The whole season was refreshing, and interesting, and creepy.

But Jessica Lange's character in just the first episode of the second season (AHS:Asylum) far surpassed what she did in the first. I was blown away. That woman can act! Greatly looking forward to immersing myself in the rest of the season. And well, Netflix, so I have that whole two-seasons-behind-everyone-else thing not going for me.


Artemis' Chew Toy
tattooedraven at 2014-10-27 06:29 (UTC) (Link)
I tried watching AHS: Asylum but just couldn't get into it. BUT! AHS: Coven....!!!! Dude I wish they'd continued it! Totally rocked! and we were all excited about the new season, but ugh.... just have absolutely No interest in 'Freak Show'. Which kinda sucks because I really like Jessica Lange and Angela Basset.
ehowton at 2014-10-27 19:16 (UTC) (Link)
I'm especially enjoying watching the actors portray completely different characters. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to follow it all or not after an entire season as one character, but they're such great actors they make it effortless!
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