ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

One Day Off

As I had to work early into the morning the night before, I didn't get to bed until 0200
Awoke at 1000
Sat in my chair drinking coffee and reading facebook
Daughter was not feeling well so gave her Pepto and sent her back to bed
Made waffles for her friends who'd stayed the night before
Got son off to grandmother's for remainder of weekend
Showered; dressed
Drove girls home
Bought a box of drywall screws and every small hook I could find at Ace Hardware
Stopped at Newton Discount Liquor
Chatted up the hot chick I really like who knows beer
Bought a shitload of new offerings from Goose Island, Boulevard, and New Belgium
Stopped at the adjacent gas station for a large bag of ice
Drove home
Unloaded the beer in the garage cooler, filled with aforementioned bag of ice
Checked on daughter
Drove to a lady's house in another neighborhood to chat craft projects
Bought saltines (for my sick daughter) and some overly expensive pimento cheese (for me) at Dillon's/Kroger.
Drove home
Checked on daughter
Gave Momo lovin's
Emptied the smoker
Dismantled the smoker
Received notification confirming tomorrow's work schedule (1000 Boo!)
Started a beer
Vacuumed the smoker
Loaded the smoker in the trunk of the Grand Marquis
Drove to Chisholm Trail True Value to drop off smoker
Drove home
Sat down and finished beer
Washed up My Boo (don't ask), cleaned his poop, fed him, and played games with him
Finished hanging new dartboard
Finished hanging old dartboard adjacent new dartboard
Arranged darts
Checked on daughter
Drove to the gas station for a can of scooby-snack and a can of Monster
Drove to The Kitchen Store for craft project supplies
Drove to The Dollar Store to check on blacklight spraypaint (they didn't have any)
Drove home
Unloaded car
Drank a beer
Checked on daughter
Sat in front of the computer
Composed this entry to this point
Logged into GT6 to maintain my login bonus
Loaded the dishwasher
Hand-washed the hand-washed dishes
Cleaned the kitchen and wiped down all the countertops
Drove downtown to antique shop - but all the shops were already closed
Got a few items at Wal-Mart instead (they DID have blacklight-spraypaint)
Drove home
Cracked a beer
Turned on the garage stereo
Assembled my craft project
Waited for the neighbors to come home to borrow their extension ladder in order to put up my Halloween lights Christmas-style
Heaped adoration upon Marko Ramius for presenting me with yet another squeaky rodent
Threw darts and drank beer until 2000 hours
Received an alert for tomorrow's work appointment rescheduling to 1400 (Yay!)
Took a shower
Dressed in some comfy clothes
Watched American Horror Story: Asylum until bedtime

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