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I have been plagued for months with my Windows taskbar randomly shutting down to the point it no longer accepts mouse or keyboard integration; I can't click anything on the taskbar and the Windows key doesn't launch the start menu. I can always left-click on apps I bring to the forefront through Alt-Tab cycling, and occasionally launch new ones via PowerShell since that is almost always running as well. During this time I also cannot get applications to minimize and redraw the desktop. The only thing more infuriating than not knowing what causes this, is reading internet "solutions" from other people who don't know what causes it (most believe its a broken mouse, others a virus, and 90% end up reinstalling Windows).

Today, I finally have a usable workaround:

  1. In PowerShell start wmic

  2. wmic:root\cli>

  3. PASTE THIS --> process where name=”explorer.exe” call terminate

  4. Answer "Y" to all execute questions

  5. Should that not fix it (and it usually does), run next step -

  6. wmic:root\cli> process call create “explorer.exe”


  1. In PowerShell start an Administrator shell, Start-Process PowerShell –Verb RunAs

  2. net stop winmgmt

    1. The Windows Management Instrumentation service is stopping.
      The Windows Management Instrumentation service was stopped successfully.

  3. net start winmgmt

    1. The Windows Management Instrumentation service is starting.
      The Windows Management Instrumentation service was started successfully.

The Microsoft Hotfix:

More strenuous fixes here.
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