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The pro's and con's of xanga's internal tracking function notwithstanding, for you, my gentle readers, a comment I posted to a girl's site in response to the comment she left on mine, (which is how things are done, you see, in xanga-land) "you visited my page quite a number of times yesterday any particular reason?" Might I add that atop her page when I came to respond, this edit: "for all you wierdo's checking out my site....i can see you so either stop snoopin thru my shit or comment!" Sweet girl.

Howdy. In response to your comment, no. I have no idea how I managed to visit here multiple times yesterday. I recall having a surprise message from [username] on my xanga, and I didn't understand it (I initially read her missive as 'forget I exist' rather than what was probably her intent of 'forget the connotations my nomenclature suggests') and went to her site for clues, running across an ungodly volume of messages from you. As both your avatar, and sheer number of comments piqued my interest, I visited your site. I glanced at some of your posts and saw you reference Q102, which made my think of my now-defunct Q102 in the greater DFW Metroplex and I'm sure I poked around a little further to try and determine your origin at that point. So, no need for alarm - though I must say, this light-pink text on white in the comment box, while very pretty, plays hell on one's eyes. Then again, it just could be the LCD monitor. Have a fantastic day ma'am.

I've owned five Nokia phones.

Models 638, 2160, 6100, 6560 & 3120

Generally, I've been pleased with them. And I like how the user interface is familiar from model to model. Makes for a short learning curve. But Nokia's PC Suite software is pissing me off. I found my data cable, installed the application, connected my 6560 (approved for the software, but not the data cable) and successfully downloaded my hundreds of contacts onto my computer. I removed the phone, connected my 3120 (approved for both) and...nothing. The application doesn't even see it. This marks the second computer I've seen this on. I don't understand. Why can't shit just work? I decided to try drax0r's Jellyvision method, but it seems that Nokia doesn't list an email address. Excuse me? They instead listed a phone number on their web page with a note which said, "Call us Monday." WTF? Sure enough, a quick dial, and I confirm they're not taking calls until Monday! Bullshit. 'Site Index' turns up a valid email address for support. Business support. Business Support email address which is not visible of course on the Business Support page, mind you - only on the site map. I sent them a very polite email, which will likely be ignored.

time passes...

Well they did reply. Suggesting I call the help desk. Nice.
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