ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Holiday Cheer

Had some neighbors and their friends over again Friday night along with michelle1963 and her roommate. It was a really spectacular time, especially given the conversation encompassed psychology, philosophy, and religion. Not really an expected topic amidst the beer and the darts and the playlist, but overwhelmingly my kind of topical conversation. I even broke out the Cubans.

It was unseasonably mild and the garage was almost warm this early November weekend, the last before a long line of frigid subsequent weekends if the forecast is to be believed. We were also shocked to discover my neighbor is an INTJ. That put four of us in the garage that night, a statistical anomaly to be sure, but it sure explains why we get along so well.

While they enjoy darts in the garage on the odd weekend, with the pending "polar air" snowfall expected, we're meeting at their house next weekend for pool in the basement - where it will be warm.

But I'm still bringing my dartboard.

Why yes, that is four cases of Shiner Holiday Cheer!


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