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Sarah Brightman

Posted on 2014.11.12 at 00:00
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Sometime Sunday I walked into the garage and found my son and his friend throwing darts and listening to...Sarah Brightman??? Curiosity got the better of me so I surreptitiously made my way to the computer and discovered they had searched for (and presumably listened to) Pink Floyd's, "Wish You Were Here" which had segued into Phantom of the Opera's, "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" which can also be found in my library under an additional three albums, Harem World Tour: Live from Las Vegas, Sarah Brightman - the Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection, and Surrender. It would appear they had listened to them all.

Which really shouldn't surprise me since my boy grew up listening to Dive! Back in 2008 I wrote:

Seeing a sticker on a CD by Lesiëm (More specifically, the album Auracle) which read, "Sarah Brightman meets Enigma." Yes, that happened in 1993 and was called, Dive! What a riot! I wanted to slap someone.

When the boys left for the park, I pulled up her discography and started listening in earnest when I came across a low-bitrate rip of Eden I'd made from a copy I checked out from the Dallas Public Library in 1997. As that would obviously not do, I bought the album on iTunes. It wasn't until much later I discovered I'd already bought the physical CD to replace it some years back. No idea why I didn't import it at a higher bitrate back then.

My daughter and I share an iTunes account as she's still too young to have her own, which is a double-edged sword as my work iPhone automatically downloads every goofy app she installs on hers - but she does have instant access to every song I've purchased. So when she started listening to this new album, she asked if I had anything else by her. WHY YES I DO! Aside from the half dozen albums (when I found the double) and European EPs, I have another twenty or so digitally, one I downloaded that very night as I discovered she'd released a new one, Dreamchaser. I played her some of my favorite tracks and explained classical crossover to her.

I sure enjoy these types of evenings with my children, and now want to spend some more time with Sarah.


Tomas Gallucci
schpydurx at 2014-11-15 17:00 (UTC) (Link)
my work iPhone
A long time ago, you explained to me that you haven't paid for a cell phone since Methuselah walked the earth. Or words to that effect. And I thought you also explained at the same time that you don't carry two phones.

So this turn of phrase threw me for a loop: the only reason to refer to your "work iPhone" is if you have an additional iPhone that work doesn't pay for.

Please clarify.
ehowton at 2014-11-15 19:35 (UTC) (Link)
You're exactly right! The distinction was made for those who might be unaware of that fact.
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