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Music, Music, Music!

Purchased at Best Buy:

  • Soundtracks

    1. The Great Escape

    2. The Omen (2006)

    3. The Manchurian Candidate

  • Movies

    1. Stargate

    2. The Godfather Trilogy

Was thrilled to find The Great Escape. All my score purchases were Varese Sarabande's, a label I was completely unfamiliar with until swashbuckler332 pointed them out to me last month. I was also shocked that of all places, Best Buy was carrying them. The Manchurian Candidate release contains both the 1962 and the 2004 scores, so double bonus for me! (I never saw the 2004 release - I mean, how could it possibly even compare to the 1962 version???) The Omen (2006) is dedicated to Jerry Goldsmith and contains a track entitled 'Omen 76/06' which immediately made me want to listen to The Boys of Brazil which I discover is not only not available, but apparently my dad's LP is worth $100. Wow. I put away three more, one of them being a Klaus Badelt score (who, as a Zimmer understudy and who's work on Pirates I found uninspired, I was a little nervous to spend the $15 on, Nanny McPhee (Patrick Doyle) which I would prefer to hear at least a small preview of first, and Hero - which was the hardest to put back because not only did I greatly enjoy Tan Dun's Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but Itzak Perleman plays on this as well (Yo-Yo Ma played on CTHD).

Stargate is the Ultimate Edition, widescreen version (remember the wife wants me to replace my laserdiscs with DVD's) and was priced at an incomprehensible $6.99. A steal as far as I was concerned, but believe it or not, it rang up at $4.99 It boggles the mind.

Boy's been doing real hitting the ball out back. As I don't have a sport-bone in my body, I find this puzzling, but nonetheless want him to enjoy what he does and open up to new things. So today, in lieu of a toy - I got a couple of mitts and a T-Ball (which I discovered just today, is the size of a baseball, but soft). I spent half an hour or so out back today teaching him to catch. I wish my father was as patient with me as I am with him. As I have no expectation of 'pushing' him to any particular goal, I'm hoping he'll have more fun and give us something to do together. Furthermore, a lot of the tricks I learned in actually wearing a mitt and catching a ball, I learned later in life - not at Little League. So I try to impart these things to him to make him more effective. Either way, my goal is to have something to do with the boy, and to have fun doing it. I hope this can be one of those things.

For my own mitt, and given Target's (I hate Target) limited selection, gloves were between $60 (soft, Corinthian leather - think Ricardo Montalban selling Cordoba's) and $20 (hard plastic-like material). Well, drax0r's seen how long I take to choose. And given the fact I almost couldn't hold a T-Ball in the softball gloves, I settled on a nice, leather, oversized baseball glove (which could easily hold either size ball) for $35. Now I just hope we'll use them.

Drove a 2004 Dodge Stratus R/T. It was very similar to my Sebring, minus all the leather, and with the addition of ground effects and a larger 3.0 litre V6. I asked about the Challenger and was told it would be in showroom floors Fall of '07 and that the base model was priced at $45k. I don't think I'll be buying a Challenger. The Stratus was a little rough on the paint & sunroof, but for an asking price of $15k, I could probably negotiate down closer to $10k. Several factors are involved here, however. My Cav, though I despise it, has never given me a bit of trouble. Ever. My Sebring not so much. This one had 40k miles on it, with a factory warranty of 30k miles still left on it. The Cav's has expired. Furthermore, (once again) I find that even with my very-high credit rating, Missouri interest on used cars is 7%. I WOULDN'T PAY SEVEN PERCENT FOR A CAR IF IT MEANT I HAD TO WALK TO WORK. Sales tax is higher than in Wichita, but lower than in Dallas. Meh. I think I'll just save back my car payments for a year or so once mine are paid off and just pay cash. Like I'll get anything outta the Cav anyway on trade-in.

Maybe I'll watch Stargate tonight...Or perhaps Serenity again, as I've had a hankering.

Today I picked up:

  1. Superman Returns

  2. Prince of Persia Offical Trilogy Soundtrack

  3. Kate Bush: Aerial 2-disc set

  4. The New World (Horner)

  5. The Omen (1976)

  6. X-Men (the first one)

  7. Downloaded the F-Zero 'soundtrack' (heh, SNES)

  8. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Expanded Edition

  9. Cabaret

  10. Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift

  11. The Godfather, Part II (to complete my collection)

  12. Wicked (the musical)

  13. Terminator 2

Adding artwork took forever, but Superman Returns gave me goosebumps!
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