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neutrality, Switzerland

Net Neutrality

Posted on 2014.11.18 at 00:00


ehowton at 2014-11-20 16:19 (UTC) (Link)
Wichita is another city in which fluoride has always been disallowed, how very odd! My son asked me the other day why Americans were so fat compared to the rest of the world (a question that no doubt came up in Social Studies, or whatever they call the high school equivalent) and I had to reply, "Lobbyists" and explain how even the FDA's food pyramid wasn't free from political pressure, and had to be modified to be more politically correct than factual.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Have you watched House of Cards on Netflix? There's an eye-opener.
raingirl26 at 2014-11-21 05:23 (UTC) (Link)
oddly i struggle with being too empathetic and can't watch things like "house of Cards". i don't pretend things aren't happening, i just can't deal with learning all the details. instead i try to be how i want the world to be. i certainly don't always succeed, but i try.
ehowton at 2014-11-21 12:47 (UTC) (Link)
Yay! That's my favorite Gandhi quote!
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