ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Languishing In Paradise

There are a myriad of reasons they say life begins at 50, and I as I've already experienced many of the philosophical ones, it would stand to reason the psychological ones will come to pass. I turn 50 in five years time, and am greatly anticipating the event. Its funny, because 50 sounds old, yet feels so very young.

Outside the philosophical and psychological, in five years time my income will double, my investments will mature, and my children will have graduated high school. My bills are all already paid off, and I'll have saved enough for that Lotus - in five years time.

In five years time, I will have a little more freedom and a little more flexibility to live as similarly or dissimilarly as I desire. But what about the mean time? How do I spend the next five years in eager anticipation? What does one who's already living the dream do to sate the passing of time?

I'll tell you: I don't know.

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