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iTunes has gained and maintained a reputation for being easy to use...

Downloaded an ID3 editor to modify the tags on the Independence Day album for the iTunes problem I'm having. It didn't work. Furthermore, even if it had worked, it would have been very tedious to modify everything that needed to be modified. The utility did identify about 3000 duplicates (mostly the reimport of the Final Fantasy album, but because I used the utility to remove the duplicates, I'm sure that's going to wrek havok on my iTunes database. Additionally, the utility identified many tracks which were not in iTunes, but on disk...again, it would be a nightmare to individually identify these tracks to re-import them. I'm beginning to believe iTunes is just not capable of keeping track of as many songs as I have. Next, I'm looking for a utility which will work with iTunes in helping me identify these rouge tracks automatically. Funny enough, the only thing I can find so far works only with iTunes on...Windows *sigh*

Decided to make double-car payments until my car is paid off, then take that money and put it towards my wife's car. I'm figuring I can pay both cars off in about a year. Then save that money for another six months or so and just pay cash for my next car. That'll work...if I stop drinking beer. I think I'll stop drinking beer awhile, see what happens. Of course I was more impressed with that car this morning when I drove my POS into work than at the actual time of driving it...I liked that 3.0 V6.

Finished my part on galinda822's desk project. This time I brought ALL my tools over, and we got it until it was done. Of course now she's needs a little wood putty and some stain - my work is far from flawless. But I did find that the bigger and more powerful the saw, the easier the job. Is that wrong? It's turning out to be a gorgeous "L" shaped desk, the two pieces fitting flawlessly together. Also, her mini may be arriving two days early - I still have to burn off her applications, but we successfully created a DVD-backup of her entire iTunes database. Speaking of, I'm going to try and clean up what I can tonight, burn some one-off's and delete (do I really need 6GB's of Final Fantasy online?) and then, once properly organized, burn off my entire database, delete the files and all databases, and...*sigh* re-import. Such is my life.

"You're talking about a composer who has established a very identifiable sound that filmmakers have come to rely upon for a successful collaboration of sound and image. It's obviously a very successful approach, and he has maintained a great deal of musical integrity while pursuing that identity, which is no small feat. And I think one would do well to remember that composers of the stature of Haydn and Beethoven were known to sell the same piece of music to different buyers. Making similar accusations against contemporary composers of film who commonly come under extreme conditions of time restraint (among many other real obstacles) might be seen as being irrelevant in light of those historical facts. So, the short answer is: it's just you."
-- Don Davis when asked if James Horner's score to Titanic sounded familiar.

Mac user.

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