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Dropping Acid

Most drugs work only while you’re taking them. Psychedelics clear the body within hours, but the effects can last a lifetime. So claim scientists in a recent Psychology Today article which focuses on how even a single hit of (controlled) acid can yield the same benefits as decades of cognitive behavior therapy (as I understood it).

Having never done drugs myself, I often found the stories of those who'd dropped acid overwhelmingly positive - a conclusion Psychology Today backed up according to those scientists. It recalibrates how people experience consciousness. They come back and say "I’m going to be more in the moment." And while the article mostly focuses on people who suffer from various forms of pessimism, I've often wondered what it would do to an intrinsically happy optimist. Would "unwiring" from the thinking process be the worst thing I could possibly do to myself, or would I too, view the world differently?

The article talks about the changing of one's personality, and learning a new way of thinking. If that's the case, I know all I need to know about dropping acid, because I already know what that's like. While I've often considered doing something like that once I've retired, living in the here and now I met someone recently who managed to teach me a new way of thinking - who's prismatic view of world was both beautiful and infectious - and has had a deep impact on how I now view the world around me. She was my drop of acid - and while only a drop, I already know the effects will be with me for years to come. A short-cut to everlasting happiness.

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