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For drax0r

There comes a time it comes to mind
Where fact and fiction differ
What you must do before you poo
Is consentrate on this'er:

Think first on things you know
To be true, although
Those things which you don't ponder
Will take you much much longer

What you think you know you don't
What you know you know you won't
It's not a question of history
Rather more of subjectivity

For Einstein's best
Was just a guess
Though highly and often lauded
He was mostly just applauded

Why? Just because he thunk it
Doesn't mean you can't debunk it
Wiser men shall arise
Foolish men will brand them lies

But everything will be revealed
A banana being peeled
Mob of people simian apes
Will soon begin to imitate

And act a fool like they always do
As you just begun your poo
And they will never hesitate
To love all the things you hate.
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