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OKCupid - For The Win!

Seeking to discover more like-minded people in which to interact with, I turned to OKCupid - the online dating site - and created a profile there. After two years of nothing whatsoever, I re-wrote my profile and have been chatting up smart, articulate, fun women ever since; each of them unique in their own way, and all of them fascinating.

Communicating in this fashion affords reflective contemplation in our carefully constructed replies allowing in-depth conversations to take place on all manner of interesting subjects. We discuss philosophy, psychology, behavior, relationships, upbringing and its associated societal programming, as well as our individual journeys of self-discovery.

By, "like-minded" of course I don't mean those who hold the same world view I do, or follow an identical political party, root for the same team or go to the same church. No, I mean those who can articulate why they hold a particular point of view, are open to differing opinions without getting offended, and have an overall joyful outlook on life no matter what it throws at them; seeing challenges at every turn rather than potential defeat.

It has been a fun, exciting, worthwhile endeavor. And to date, I haven't had reason to ever send any one of them a picture of my cock.

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