ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Were It So Easy

Were it so easy, we'd never be challenged; were it so easy, we'd never grow. Mention an alternative course of action or viewpoint on someone's (usually public) personal struggle and suddenly we're perceived as some sort of social-media pariah because, "It must be nice you don't have any problems like the rest of us," when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Then again, this is the same dichotomous crowd who gets both easily offended, and wouldn't understand "re-framing" if illustrated with a hammer. Nice combination, there.

While I readily admit my own personality-type grows bored quickly with the status quo, seeking often to sink my teeth into new ideas and mental activities, a lifetime of overcoming very personal and individual challenges has helped me hone the skill required to approach every obstacle as a fresh challenge, rather than automatically presuming I'll be defeated by it. Is it really such a stretch?

There have been many times I've purposely chosen the more difficult path, and not out of a sense of masochism. To learn. To grow. To form my own opinion rather than relying on a lifetime of other's opinions. And its worked. Difficult? To be sure! But wholly worth it when able to be stacked upon data points from various sources - its the very definition of well-rounded.

I'm not at all dismayed by those who have purposely chosen the less arduous path - I deeply admire them at times - being so outwardly content with their rather simple lives - an enviable outcome! No, its those who cannot grasp alternate worldviews as viable; the inability to comprehend the human condition far surpasses a single, myopic viewpoint, and perhaps worse, the refusal to entertain the idea when engaged.

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