ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Renovation Treasure Hunt

unixwolf and I were working to renovate a dark, pier & beam foundation brick house while simultaneously surreptitiously searching for hidden treasure believed to be within its walls. As we were smashing holes into the interior walls, we found little ancient, dusty, cloth-covered boxes. unixwolf had an ancient map or something - I was shocked to find these things still here and not looted centuries ago despite the house being built in the 1950s. Unwrapping the the cloths revealed a box, which upon opening contained highly detailed little Christmas villages. As we continued to search the house, we noticed all the villages fit together to create a Christmas town decoration. It was all very exciting.

At some point there was a small child in the house which needed to be fed. I didn't want to feed the child, but I was hoping someone would, as he was just wandering around the kitchen touching everything - including the ancient Christmas villages!

As if that weren't bothersome enough, this down-on-their-luck couple knocked on the front door of this otherwise unoccupied house. It was a couple I remember helping when they'd stopped in my own neighborhood, and began to tell them this - that this was not my house and I'd already helped them, but figured they wouldn't care. I also remember thinking they might be just hustling the city, but then I remembered seeing them in front of a dilapidated house on First Street once after dropping my daughter off at school, so figured it was legit. I promised to help and retreated back into the house leaving them on the front porch.

unixwolf had disappeared so I went into the back room where he, the project manager, and John McCollum were all playing Wizard101. The project manager was embarrassed but I was all like, "Hey, I'm the one who introduced unixwolf to the game when my employer sent me to Texas for a week but didn't have anything for me to do but be available!"

Telling them about the couple on the front porch, I collected some money from them - most of them gave me "Royal Backed" Saudi riyals but glodowg gave me a $50, which I thought very generous (it was her change from having visited Westminster Abbey according the receipt I glimnpsed). And then lots of contractors started coming and going for the completion of the renovation which made it difficult to get to the couple outside and gave them the money, plus found a $5 in my own wallet but couldn't separate it from the $20 i didn't want to give them. Yes, they noticed, and judged me with their eyes.

Back inside I noticed my handgun was sitting on the table, loaded with one in the barrel, so I pulled the clip, ejected the round, and ejected each round from the clip. I was fascinated to discover drax0r had loaded each slot with a different round; uranium tipped, hollow point, long range, snub tip - it was bizarre. I was also shocked at how very lightweight it was when emptied, apparently a ceramic composite.
Tags: dreams

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