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I ♥ Beer

I'm not entirely sure the far-reaching implications of not drinking beer has fully resonated with me yet. I mean, there's the obvious ones, 2000 calories a day and $400 a month saved - awesome deficits to have to be sure. But I was an otherwise very responsible drinker, always drinking around my children's schedule; picking them up, dropping them off, and ferrying them here and there. So the most obvious question staring me back in the face was, "What do I do now?"

I had a lot of time to fill that I would normally fill drinking, and since drinking doesn't lend itself to coexisting with many activities, I was in a bit of a slump. When drinking this past year - because I don't watch much television - I would often throw darts in the garage or play video games, both of which seemed rather dull without the brightness turned all the way up. So, I started working out. Cardio and weights every day for a month. I just added yoga.

So I am consuming far fewer calories, saving a shitload of cash, and working out because I have a lot of time I don't know how to spend. There's one more thing - gout. The effects of excessive drinking are finally beginning to subside. But its not all rainbows and unicorns. There's a dark side to not drinking. My social life has tanked. No more get-togethers with the neighbors and no more seeing my favorite beer store girl. I'm also not sleeping as well, and this one has been the most notable. Beer is such a soothing elixir, that without causes me to toss and turn and lay awake most nights.

The silver lining to being a social pariah who cannot sleep is all the extra time spent meeting and playing with new females, and that's an activity I can really get behind.

Welcome to 2015.
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