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laptop, mouse, keyboard


Posted on 2015.01.29 at 16:11
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Good mouses are a few of my favorite things. Well, that an inexpensive one. When the original Microsoft wheelmouse finally dropped in price around the turn of the millennium, I bought four of them - I still have two, one black, and one rather yellowed. Then later, I bought three or four of those Logitech Marble Mouses when I found them on sale once. When it was time to equip my children, however, I bought six elcheapo mice which have lasted rather impressively. But of course they both have mouse envy with my two R.A.T.3s ($60).


My new favorite knock-off online store, Monoprice sells this "6-Key Ergonomic Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Sensor Rate" for ~$10.

I bought four of them.

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