ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Never Again

I was on chat with someone to whom I'd sent a package when they saw the UPS truck coming down their street on the delivery date, pass the clearly marked correct address, turn down the clearly marked wrong address a mile down the road, drop off the package at the wrong house, then leave.

While all this was playing out, email alerted me the package had been delivered. I clicked a couple of buttons and was instantly on LIVE UPS CHAT! I quickly and effortlessly outlined exactly what had happened, and my expectation for immediate correction. Instead, I was told I would get a call from, "The Center" within the hour to "verify my claim."

Surprisingly, they called within the time allotted and the driver claimed there were no visible addresses - but that there are only two houses out there and he always delivered to the other house, so he dropped this package off there as well. I replied, "Well since this was a different address, one might assume it would also be a different house."

They explained that he would go there in the morning and attempt to retrieve the package. If he is unsuccessful, they will start a claim. Interestingly enough, because the package contained gifts, I included all the receipts in a sealed envelope and shipped it in the box. So after I disconnected I tallied up the damages. Including shipping? The claim will be $250.

Never again.

Next time? I'm thinking FedEx.

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