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Stargate, science

Narwhals & Grizzlies, Oh my!

Posted on 2015.02.10 at 10:26
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I was on my bicycle - it was a nice day - talking to my mom on my cell phone while riding up and down twisty, intertwined dirt roads with stretches of straightaways. Before long, I was on a rather long, occasionally intersecting wooden bridge spanning an enormous azure body of water - the deepest blue and crystal clear, with surreal pine trees growing out of it. The further I rode, the more interlocked the entire network of wooden bridges (with high, red-metal side rails) appeared across the crazy expanse of beautiful, still water.

I took one wooden path on my bike, absentmindedly talking to Mom when I came to a sudden and unexpected stop - the rest of the bridge wasn't finished! I set my bike down and peered over the edge where I saw a pod of narwhals playing below in the unexpectedly shallow water. It was fascinating watching them twist and turn and jump and despite their activity, the water remained mirror smooth as I watched them. I tried to snap a picture of them with my cell phone, but couldn't get it angled properly because it was plugged into the saddle bag where my charger was located, and I couldn't unplug it for some reason.

When I finally was able to snap the picture, I noticed the narwhal didn't have its single horn, which was weird because i'd just seen it. I set my cell phone down and looked over the edge again and sure enough, my picture was ruined because the narwhal had indeed lost its horn - i could see it right there in the shallow water - probably disengaged from playing too hard with the other whales.

That's when I heard a noise, looked over and my phone was nearly in the water! It had been knocked over and was resting between the planks. I picked it up, wondering how it had managed to move, and noticed that a cute little bear had come down the wooden bridge and was going through all my things. As I was petting it, having fun, I thought, "Wait a tic - baby bear? Where's its mom?"

And that's when I looked behind me, down the other end of the narrow bridge-path, and saw an enormous grizzly, standing on its hind legs, as the baby returned to it.

My choices then were to jump into the shallow water with the narwhals, or try to sneak past the angry momma grizzly on the bridge, when my alarm went off.


michelle1963 at 2015-02-10 16:35 (UTC) (Link)
Often the alarm ruins a dream at a critical moment. This, however, seems to be a perfect moment. :D
Lelf Treperra
ubet_cha at 2015-02-11 02:28 (UTC) (Link)
Cool. Very Close Call. If it makes you feel any better I'd have likely driven over the unfinished portion of the bridge and ended up in the water before noticing the baby bear. Your story sounds like a once in a lifetime event though. Glad you came through it ok.
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