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jesskd26 recently posted that drax0r should buy her an island.

I support this, and I'll tell you why. I want him to start his own evil empire, and live atop a volcano in an elaborate multi-billion-dollar insane-architect-designed mansion. I'll call him Extreme Chancellor Phallax if that's what he desires, and he can call me, "Number Two." I'll sit at his right hand as we eat wild hog that we hunt with with our newly designed super-secret weapons. I think I really just want to sit on the beach of this island and drive those little 6-wheeled buggies he'll no doubt have to get around on. Maybe we'll finally build that hovercraft out of vaccuum-cleaner parts? I dunno, I just think it would be cool.

Track 17, "Prelude to War" from the BSG: Season 2 soundtrack is my new favorite track. I don't know how I initially missed this gem, but I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

In researching a user issue today, I found what was probably THE information needed to solve my problem on Google, this link: Acrobat Reader won't pdf format? *eyeroll*

And if that's not bad enough, I ran across this statement: ...this is the most least likely circumstance, but still possible. Most least...huh?

galinda822 is getting her mac mini today, and I have a short list of items I need to ensure I have on hand:

  1. Power cord for monitor

  2. Cat-5 Patch cord

  3. Cat-5 Crossover cable

  4. Sun Microsystems USB keyboard & mouse

  5. Mousepad

I'm very excited. I already burned her a disc of essential apps and soon she will be online! Now that she's a mac user, I've decided I'm going to stop talking to all non-mac users. As soon as I stated this, bigdog_etc flipped me off!

And yes, it's been one hell of a day today.

All right, guard, begin the unnecessarily Slow-Moving Dipping Mechanism.
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