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When my Sony blu-ray player/media server stopped working late one night I sighed heavily, put my shoes back on, and drove to the only place in town to remedy such a travesty - Wal-Mart.

I was rather surprised when the three shelves usually filled with every imaginable configuration possible were empty. I was so surprised by the lack of goods on the shelf actually, that I dragged the poor boy behind the electronics counter over to the shelf to show him the vast nothingness. Unsurprisingly, he agreed with me that there was nothing there. So there we stood, the two of us, at 2200 hours, looking at nothing. It was rather underwhelming.

He scanned a few of the listed barcodes with his hand-held scanning device, checked the display, then scanned again. Finding no comfort from the scans, he disappeared and checked the back stockroom, presumably scanning errant barcodes back there, before returning empty-handed. More nothing.

Undeterred, I logged into when I arrived home and ordered a new Sony blue-ray player/media server and was understandably skeptical when I received an alert early the next morning notifying my "shipment" had "arrived." I was eager to see how this sorcery was supposed to have worked.

Walking past the still empty racks of nonexistent dvd, blu-ray, and media server/players again this morning, my knowing smile faded when the friendly associate at the online pickup register brought to me exactly what I had bought and paid for - the new Sony blu-ray player/media server.

I remain dubious of the sequence of events, but may in the future opt to go this route again given the preternatural manifestation of conveniently timed durable goods.


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