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Posted on 2015.03.02 at 21:48
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  1. Mea Culpa, Pt. II (Orthodox Mix)/Sadeness, Pt. I (Radio Edit)

  2. The Rivers Of Belief (Extended Version)

  3. Second Chapter/The Eyes of Truth

  4. Return to Innocence (Radio Edit) [Remastered]/Age of Loneliness (Radio Edit)

  5. Le roi est mort, vive le roi!

  6. Beyond the Invisible (Radio Edit)

  7. T.N.T. For the Brain

  8. The Landing/Turn Around

  9. The Gate/Push the Limits

  10. Gravity of Love

  11. Eppur Si Muove/Dreaming Of Andromeda

  12. The Language of Sound (Slow Edit) [Instrumental]

  13. Where Are We From (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]

  14. Callas Went Away

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