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To the Stars through Difficulties

I've been spending a lot of time in Kansas. But only because I live here. Of course I work from home, so its not exactly experiencing Kansan culture unless I leave the house - which I try not to do. And when I do, I'm in my car, which isn't exactly a cultural experience either. I get most of my news from London, England and East Texas, which is rarely applicable here. Also? Twenty-fifteen hasn't exactly been a stellar blogging year. There are numerous, likely interconnected reasons for this.

Living in the moment is something at which I've never been very successful - until recently. On a whim (and with motivational backing) I decided to give it a try. Doing so, it would appear has been a fascinating blend of joy and non-attachment, or alternately joy and non-attachment masquerading as a trap and snare, wherein I discover everything I thought I wasn't, I might actually be. Funny how practical application has a way of deobfuscating the theoretical - and I'm not the only one who has experienced this phenomenon. Like I said, fascinating.

Blogging thoughts, trajectories, theories, and philosophies - while not necessarily antithetical to living in the moment - certainly seems to be challenging me, and while I'm always up for a challenge, I'm not always comfortable with how it is going to manifest itself. Or like I quipped several weeks back how I knew I was in another phase of personal growth, "I'm operating outside my comfort zone." That one is usually easy to spot, yet in recent months I've grown far more comfortable wearing it atop my skin.

Interacting with those a generation younger than myself has been a refreshing change. I see much zen in myself. Much aplomb. I remember being zealously idealistic. What I have retained from that time is the drive to apply what I have since learned; a repeatable process in which to perpetuate those ideals - without freaking out over every other little thing which may at first appear incongruent.

After years of theorizing, I am enjoying testing the outcomes in the real world. I'd forgotten the taste of the world on my lips.


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