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My guys are getting really tired of me treating the office as the bridge of a federation starship (yes, they call me, "Captain" well...everyone but Carla) so this morning I was going to call in on my drive and have them put me on speakerphone so I could announce, "Hello Angles." in my best 'Charlie' voice. I think I'll put the whole Star Trek thing on hold for awhile and take on the Charles Townsend Agency persona.

Even with "Moderate Safe search On" it is not a good idea to search for "Rob Lowe" even if you're innocently searching for "Number 2" pics of a young Robert Wagner. That is, unless you want to see his crank. Trust me on this.

Edited another Wikipedia entry this morning.

WSUS is Microsoft's proprietary patch management & deployment system. However Microsoft does not release all of their patches to be WSUS compliant. I don't understand that.

You would think that if the State government required liability insurance on vehicles, they would be prepared to provide said insurance.

I have a lot to say on a subject, and I had a screen capture to prove it, which I have since lost. My arch-nemesis over at xanaga, TheTheologiansCafe has recently had a hate campaign start against him. These morons, who are apparently upset at his rein of xanga's "Featured Content" (which appears based upon eProps and number of comments) have been spamming the everliving shit out of his site with rude comments. Whereas he normally gets just over 200 comments a post, he now has thousands of comments per post - Their excessive behavior is actually driving the site to the goal they wish to rid it of! I find that fascinating.

I am also ready to reveal my opinion on net-neutrailty:
If money-making corporations are to compensate ISP's for providing internet, we might as well...

  • Pay aircraft manufacturers for any profit rec'd overseas if a salesman uses their transportation to seal the deal in person by flying there.

  • Pay clothing designers and manufactures for business contracts won based even if just loosely based in part because they looked professional.

  • Pay computer manufacturers proceeds from stock due to high-uptimes and no missed SLA's.

  • Pay colleges for high-profit inventions by former students they may accomplish later in life.

  • Pay handgun manufacturers a portion of profit from crimes involving money when a handgun was used in a robbery.

  • Pay telecom's a portion of any multi-billion dollar deal sealed over the phone...oh yeah, that exactly what they're trying to do!

Got galinda822 set up with her new mac mini intel core solo. It is a sweet earth you might say, along with all her hard, pip-hittin' apps she'll ever need. Well, everything but a Cisco OSX VPN client. I have drax0r all over that one. I imagine a world where I don't require Windows, and don't acutally speak to people who do. Of course the best part about all of this is the powerful linux box she now has sitting on her desk at home...

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