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Eric Capitol


Posted on 2015.03.24 at 00:00
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What am I missing here? To those who, "Cannot believe anyone would ever vote Republican," or, "Cannot believe anyone would ever vote Democrat," Why not? What is fueling that disbelief? Or even within a particular clique/subgroup? I've heard, "I can't imagine any Christian/humanist ever voting Republican," also, "I can't imagine any Active Duty/national defense contractor ever voting Democrat." Again I ask, why? What is it that is so difficult to believe? That other people may think differently? Is it really that hard to understand? Or do they fall into the trap of honestly believing the other 50% is wrong? Or dumb? Or evil?

I was raised in a very liberal environment and was shocked when I got out into the real world to discover it was far more conservative than I was indoctrinated to believe. Imagine then my surprise when I found someone who was raised in a conservative environment and was equally as shocked when she got out in the real world to discover it was far more liberal than she was indoctrinated to believe. That was until I learned about how indoctrination works, and how different environments play into that indoctrination. Suddenly, it was no longer a shock nor a surprise.

In this particular case, she was raised by post-WWII vets and released into 60s hippie culture and I was raised by hippies and subsequently released into 80s Reaganomics. I can't be the only one who can see the cyclic nature of one possible answer as to why life itself probably isn't as black and white as some would make it out to be. Consider this only one example. Epistemology would suggest there are others. Is it really that hard to comprehend to the point I hear, over and over the same trite phraseology - from both camps - every time politics come up? What am I missing? Illuminate me. Please.

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