ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Boy Night

Yesterday, my wife and daughter spent the night at galinda822's for Girl Night. My son & I had Boy Night. This year, Boy Night was provided in part by two sponsors, Bill and celtmanx. How, you may ask? After the requisite grilled dogs and macaroni & cheese, coke (the only time he gets to drink soda) and Hot Wheels, he brings down the Playskool Millenium Falcon and X-Wing that David had bought him, followed by battle with the Power of the Force spheres he picked me up several years ago, followed by the most boring game I've ever played, "Escape from the Death Star Action Figure Board Game" again, a gift from David...

When I could stand no more, we watched the Trilogy, a parting gift from Bill. My son had a blast and wished every night were 'Boys Night.' From what I understand, my daughter had an equally good time at galinda's.

Tonight, fireworks at galinda's dad's in Jefferson County. Astro called this weekend as well, and I just discovered my longtime USAF buddy is going to be in town as well the next several days. I really don't have the cycles for all this, but when it rains, as they pours.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Tags: galinda, grill, kids, tony, wife

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