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Believe The Hype!

Search the search, where is justice?
Couldn't find so in God I trust this
Mind to, so strong and fruitful
Am what I am, black ain't as beautiful
Not political, but aware
Power load with a powerful stare
Never bow down to a mortal man
Here I stand at my own command!

Friday night the wife was in a really poor mood. What to do, what to do? Took her down the road while galinda822 watched the kids and picked up:

  • Rum

  • Vodka

  • HpnotiQ

  • Sloe Gin

  • Peach Brandy

  • Banana Liqueur

  • Southern Comfort

  • Presidente Mexican Brandy

She proceed to make us Bali Traders and her mood greatly increased. We spent Movie Night sitting in our neighbor's front lawn drinking and visiting until after 2200 when the (almost) unanimous decision was made to call it a night. I was surprisingly drunk as I had only had two mixed drinks, but exhausted from my day I managed to fall asleep sometime between laying down in my bed, and actually hitting the pillow.

Not a follower, not a leader
An exceeder, sharp as a cleaver
Some are sinners, some are praisers
Me, Turbo-B, Heavenly hell-raiser
Two from the hip make some folks stagger
Straight to the heart like a 12-inch dagger
Motley, way of the world -
Gaze upon the Black Pearl!

Yesterday we picked up Carla and drove out to the bookstore where we got the newest Laurell K. Hamilton Vampire Hunter Series book, and I picked up JSA which as you all know I've been looking for. The most expensive movie to come out of South Korea and surprising local hit. I found the movie fascinating the first time I watched it, and cannot wait to view it again - apparently there's a second, more subtle storyline in there most viewers miss upon first viewing. We ate at Chevy's Tex-Mex on the way home. As always, it was fantastic. The best Tex-Mex we've found to date in St. Louis. I'm still waiting for them to build us a Chipotle!

The bigger the badder, bull!
In this game of life, knowledge rules
The one with the brain is the sole survior
What goods a tank with a stupid driver,
See? Don't be a dimwit - ignorant
Really a backwit
Where's the fitness?
This is legit, can I get a witness?

Out at Carla's dad's last night for fireworks and festivities. I chain-smoked cigars and met as many people as I could. It was eerily identical to Fourth of July with my wife's family. The show was spectacular! I'd not seen a private collection of so many fireworks in all my years. There was the one giant starburst that had a broken base, so they secured it to the ground and lit it. I wasn't standing nearly as close as everyone else when it exploded. The concussion nearly knocked me off my feet! They did a fantastic job with the fireworks and my son likened it to Disneyworld (though he's never been) and my daughter, upon watching a fountain exclaimed, "That makes me feel happy inside."

Not the oppressed, the oppressor
Don't make this one anything lesser
Racist? You don't wanna hear it
But if the shoe fits then wear it
Life is tough so we gotta be tougher
Be smart, to outbluff the bluffer
Feet to mind, to a wisdom beat
Absorb the knowledge I speak

Took the boys to Fudd's for lunch and ate too much, as is usual when I'm there. Sent the gang home at 1530 which allows me an hour and a half of absolute stillness and solitude. Except the wife wants me to move the couch we moved into the basement last month, back up. Brinkmeyer called and we're going to postpone the visit this time around, re-scheduling for the end of July. I hope it's not the 20th, cause that's when I'm flying to D.C. hopefully with time to catch up with yet another couple of Air Force buddies (who happen to be married to each other - Ewwww!) so I feel this month will be my busiest, yet!
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