ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Trip Like I Do; Worshipers of Satan & The Android

Crystal method playing loudly on my desktop (WHERE SIZE MATTERS) and the windows wide open. I've only had the A/C on two days this year and it is unseasonably cold out today - I am in a sweatshirt enjoying the natural (and free) air.

The openSUSE VBox guest running on my 8x32 Win7 host experiences horrendous wait times despite being on a separate platter and my 8x24 openSUSE server (which I recently installed LXDE on in hopes of replacing the VBox guest) cannot seemingly run NX as a virtual display. If I knew what I was doing, that would no doubt assist in troubleshooting.

And I await my Droid - an O/S I am unfamiliar with. My company decided Apple iPhones are too pricey, so my "upgrade" was an Android. Although, since iOS 8.3, which has surprisingly fixed the slowness issue on my 4S, I am now dubious as to the Droid's effectiveness in my life. That said, its amusing (and sad) how the Robbers-Cave experiment is yet again applicable as otherwise sane (or perhaps not given the evidence) people "choose sides" over the two rival phones - and I'm not talking just preference, but the God-given triumphant jubilation that their phone is the right phone, and the other phone is for fools, stupid people, and worshipers of Satan. In the parlance of our time (thanks Maude), smdh.
Tags: linux, work

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