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Nearly every weekend a request is put in for milkshakes, and nearly every weekend that request is fulfilled. Its no wonder I don't lose weight faster.

The Ninja blender is uniquely suited for allowing us to add very nearly anything as a ingredient in order to be pureed and smoothly blended into the mixture. I've also discovered the tasty option of using instant pudding as thickener (Jell-O brand, "cheesecake" is a hit) which really creates some unique options.

Sadly, I seem to be the only one who likes the malt.

No two batches are ever the same, and now that I've learned how much to make, I can tailor each 20-ounce glass to its requester, rather than make a veritable vat of sweet creamy goodness.

Who's milkshake brings all the girls to the yard? Mine!
Tags: kids

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