ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Cow Clicker

I miss playing Cow Clicker. Well, I miss the fun and excitement of telling someone new what the game represents and how you progress. You see, it mocked Facebook games. The word, "game" itself was hotly debated as it applied to Facebook as the only skill required was the mastery of waiting. Waiting until enough time had passed you could click again. This applied to a whole host of Facebook games at the time, but Cow Clicker was the first to pointedly accentuate what was transpiring by distilling the game down into a series of timed clicks, one per 12-hours if I recall correctly, to advance.

But much like the short-lived, addictive Flappy Birds, the creator had his invention removed. I sometimes struggle with this. Yes, even in this day and age of the greedy bastards behind the crippling Digital Millennium Copyright Act and an ever-changing Intellectual Property End User License. Its not that I don't want these people to not own their creation, I'm just not sure where I fall on how they get to control it.

While that may sound callous, like some evil Board of Directors taking a brilliant idea away from a hard-working entrepreneur and suddenly owning and controlling (and more often than not exploiting) its future, I liken it instead to music, or books. Troubled artists perhaps who have written the Great American novel, or released an album which has changed the way we feel; then gone crazy, or recanted, or turned to Islam, or any number of ill thought out schemes in which they announce, "I wish I'd never done that." We can shake our heads and wonder what would lead someone with such insight into our soul to make those statements, but we are thinking that while we're reading their book, or listening to their music. Our lives have been touched in ways not easy to express - in ways only a good story or a good song can touch us no matter what the crazy motherfucker who wrote it thinks.

But not so with Cow Clicker. And not so with Flappy Birds.

What's the difference?
Tags: gaming, philosophy

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