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Airsoft, Pt. II

Having been quite adamant with gun safety before he was even ever allowed to pull the trigger on an airsoft, the following several years have been a beacon of sufficient safety protocols. When my son and his friends engage in an all-out airsoft war, all of them always wear protective gear, all of the time.

Except tonight for some reason.

And sure enough, (as he was reaching for his goggles he says), he got shot in the eye (the same eye which necessitated another visit to the ER) at 2100 hours on Friday.

The cornea is visibly damaged from what I can tell, the pupil only slightly dilated, very few blood vessels broken and slightly cloudy. I decided to not take him to the emergency room. I gave him an acetaminophen and told him I would check on him in the morning. When he asked why I was planning to take him to the doctor's office Monday morning (where he was concerned he was going to miss one of his last two days of school) it was the only time I raised my voice. "BECAUSE YOU NEVER INJURE YOURSELF MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF EIGHT AND FIVE!" And explained more quietly it was the difference between $20 and $2000 <-- how much we paid the last time I took him to the emergency room.


So I woke him up at midnight to give him an ibuprofen and look at his eye. It looked a lot better than it did four hours ago. No more dilation, and far less cloudy.


Immediate Care in Wichita wouldn't see him - wanted me to take him to the ER, which I did when we arrived back in Newton. They concluded corneal abrasion where we left with some ointment and a script for painkillers.

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