ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Dodge City

Didn't know I would be taking Dodge City so literally, nor the Dodge Dart I was driving, when I had to dodge no less than four deer an adrenaline-pumping two times outside Dodge City, returning from my New Mexican vacation. The first dodge employed a one-handed last-second brake-and-swerve around two night-highway colored deer standing motionless in the dark, unlit highway (which I managed without spilling my precious coffee), and the second was another pair of deer several miles later doing the same - which I was prepared for this time but had to come to nearly a complete stop due to their bold inaction.

While no harm came to the deer, the car, or the occupants, I shudder to think of what any of those would have looked like impacting a stationary bag of meat at upwards of 70 miles an hour.
Tags: driving

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