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Posted on 2015.06.13 at 11:15
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My new phone is a (2nd gen) Motorola Moto X. "Hello, Moto!" Whatever. Work "upgraded" my iPhone 4S to a...well, android. Anyway. I wasn't worried when I couldn't send or receive MMS to non-Apple devices because really, who cares? But now that I'm a Droid-toting idiot, I find it perplexing. And by perplexing I mean mind-bogglingly ridiculous. What the hell? At this point I can only assume someone's pocket's are getting lined and it has nothing to do with protocols or technology. God, CEOs are like petulant children.

At least they've finally worked out the kinks in transferring contacts. Remember when Samsung's ONLY software suite was for transferring music and movies to your phone, but not...phone numbers? <-- the SOLE REASON MANY CARRY A PHONE; making and receiving calls?

I'd give up if I could.

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